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In no particular order:

0. Barbados is an island.
1. Yes, Rihanna is from Barbados, and she was born here.
2. No, I don't know Rihanna.
3. The population of the island is around 280,000 or so people.
4. The island is gained independence from the British in 1966.
5. Barbados has a tropical climate. The days are hot (30+ degrees). The nights are cool.
6. Rainy season, or hurricane season, starts in June and ends in November.
7. Barbados has been fortunate in that the island hasn't had a major hurricane strike in decades.
8. But that doesn't mean we haven't seen our fair share of flooding and high winds.
9. We have our own currency: the Barbados Dollar. 2 of those will get you 1 U.S. Dollar on the street.
10. This island is quite small. It's only about 166 square miles (or 400+ square kilometres).
11. The capital of the island is Bridgetown.
12. The calling code is +1 246.