About Barbados

SIZE & LOCATION - Barbados is the easternmost Caribbean island located at 13˚ North; 59˚ West. It is 430 km2 and is divided into 11 parishes.

POPULATION - The current population of Barbados is 285,493 ( 2017, based on the latest United Nations estimates).

LANGUAGE - English, although the Bajan dialect can be heard all around the island.

TIME DIFFERENCE - 4 hours behind GMT in the winter and 5 hours in the summer. 1 hour ahead of US Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the winter and the same during US Daylight Saving Time.

CURRENCY - The Barbados dollar is tied to the US dollar at a fixed rate of US$1.00 = BDS$1.98. The approximate rate of exchange for: Great Britain: £1.00 = BDD $2.49, Canada: CAD$1.00 = BDD $1.52, European Union: € 1.00 = BDD $2.12, Eastern Caribbean: XCD $1:00 = BDD $0.75, US currency is readily accepted everywhere on the island, while most hotels, restaurants and large stores accept most major credit cards as well.

ELECTRICITY - 115/230 volts 50 cycle. Many hotels provide converters for European or Asian appliances. North American appliances will not need converters.


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